The Latest Trends in Cordials and Liqueurs – Beverage Dynamics

Cordials and liqueurs aren’t always the first image that springs to mind when thinking about the beverage alcohol industry, but they’re a vital part of any bartender’s arsenal as a frequent ingredient of many popular cocktails. “Cordial” and “liqueur” are two different words for essentially the same thing — a sweetened, flavored liquor — except in the UK, where “cordial” can also refer to a sweetened, nonalcoholic drink.

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Baker Creates Stunning Cakes That are Straight Out of a Cartoon (WATCH) – Good News Network

Baker Amy Bicknell cuts into her cake – Amy’s Little Cakery / SWNS

A part-time baker creates epic 2-D cakes that look like drawings straight out of a cartoon.

Amy Bicknell was inspired to create her own cartoon cake after spotting a picture of one online.

Her first attempt at the cake proved challenging as she doesn’t normally work with fondant icing, made of granulated sugar and water. (She preferred using a cream-based ganache instead.) But her animated-style sli…….


Debunking gut cleanses and other diet myths – The Globe and Mail

While diet is a key factor in maintaining a healthy gut, don’t count on a one-off gut cleanse or short-term diet to have long-lasting effects.Thinkstock/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Leslie Beck, a Toronto-based private practice dietitian, is director of food and nutrition at Medcan. Follow her on Twitter @LeslieBeckRD

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Vegetarian food

Dining Experience At The World’s Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant, Haus Hiltl – NDTV Food

We will all agree that food adds colour, flavour, sweetness, and spice to all our travel adventures. Finding a holiday destination that suits your diet needn’t be difficult, especially if you are a vegetarian. Enters Zurich. The city is home to the world’s oldest (continuously running) vegetarian restaurant – Haus Hiltl – serving incredible vegetarian fare since 1898! Currently run by the fourth generation, the restaurant has been providing an atmosphere of friendly hospitality and excellent …….


Restaurants dropping meat dishes as costs rise and Veganuary grows more popular – The Guardian

Restaurants are removing meat dishes from their menus due to the impact of inflation and the rising popularity of Veganuary, researchers say.

Only 20% of all dishes served at restaurant chains last summer contained meat, according to the latest figures from Lumina Intelligence, a drop of four percentage points from last spring.

“It’s a notable decline,” said Katherine Prowse, senior insight manager at Lumina, who sa…….


Five staple ingredients, five delicious budget recipes – The Guardian

How we did it

Aside from allowing for basic store cupboard ingredients – such as salt, pepper, olive oil, flour, dried herbs – we asked our cooks to calculate the cost of shopping from scratch at major supermarkets. You will have some leftover ingredients which will, of course, keep for other meals. The cost of each recipe was correct at time of going to press.

The ingredient: cheese

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This 1980s computer was a huge leap forward. Now you can download its source code – ZDNet

Getty Images / Science & Society Picture Library

To celebrate the 40th birthday of the Apple Lisa computer, the Computer History Museum (CHM) has released the source code for the first graphical user interface computer. 

The CHM has gained Apple’s approval to release the source code for the Lisa computer as part of the museum’s celebration of Lisa, which Apple released on January 19, 1983.   

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