The Cake Recipe That Was a Secret for Two Decades – The New York Times

For two decades, Baker refused to divulge his secret. He finally cracked in 1947 and revealed all to General Mills. (How much he was paid he took to the grave when he died in 1974.) Instead of butter, he used vegetable oil in a batter thick with yolks and folded together with glossy peaks of whipped egg whites, curling at the tips. The company unveiled the recipe the following year in a pamphlet titled “Betty Crocker Chiffon.”



The Truth About Fad Diets – Forbes Health – Forbes

Here’s a rundown of some of the more popular fad diets out there, their potential benefits and drawbacks, and how they work for weight loss.

The Paleo Diet

Introduced in 1985, the paleo diet aims to mimic the dietary patterns of humans prior to agricultural development. It claims humans should eat foods similar to those we evolved with and avoid foods we didn’t have access to during our evolution.

Followers of the paleo diet are instructed to eat as many lean…….


5 cookie baking tips for better batches every time – The Spokesman Review

No matter how many cookie recipes I test, I always learn something, either from the recipe developers or from my own kitchen adventures. This year, I picked up even more from some of the new cookbooks that crossed my desk, including several very good ones devoted to cookies.

Here’s a roundup of my favorite tips from those volumes, as well as a few general baking books.

Keep track of your ingredients: Cookie ingredients need to be added in a specific order, of…….

Vegetarian food

Vegetarian Diet Review – Forbes Health – Forbes

The vegetarian diet allows for an eating plan full of fruits, vegetables, pulses (legumes or beans), whole grains, nuts and seeds—and potentially dairy and eggs, depending on which type of vegetarian eating plan someone chooses to follow. No matter which plan one chooses, research shows that it’s important to focus on eating a wide variety of foods in order to achieve balanced nutrition, and supplementation of certain nutrients may be necessary, especially vitamin B12 and iron.



Veganism on the rise among health-conscious in Japan – The Japan Times

Vegans in Japan are finding life much easier with a wide variety of foods to choose from, including specialty items such as “pork bone” ramen and even “cheesecake.”

Behind the trend is a growing health awareness among people who want to avoid high-fat foods and advances in veganism technology in producing meat alternatives.

“There isn’t a food that can’t be reproduced,” said an official from the Japan Vegan Society.

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Cheap Dinner Recipes for the Whole Family – The New York Times

Feeding a family is no joke. That one doesn’t eat raw tomatoes, this one hates chicken (unless it’s in nugget form) and that one over there won’t touch anything green. It’s improbable, if not impossible, to please everyone all at once, so instead of trying to address every little preference with one finished dish, opt for recipes that are easily adapted or deconstructed at the stove or the table. The 21 below are just those sorts — with a few guaranteed c…….


Low-cost computers available for sale to South County families – KPBS

Families in the South County have a chance to purchase low-cost computers next weekend as the holiday season gets underway.

The San Diego County Office of Education partnered with the non-profit Computers-2-Kids, offering refurbished desktop, laptop, and tablet devices loaded with educational software for as little as $100.

“Students that aren’t online are at a disadvantage, and students that don’t have powerful computers are at a dis…….


Easthampton Police rolling out body cameras – GazetteNET

Easthampton Police Chief Robert Alberti, left, and officer Charlie Vargas demonstrate body cameras Tuesday morning that will be employed by the department after receiving state grant funding. STAFF PHOTO/DAN LITTLE

Easthampton Police Chief Robert Alberti, left, and officer Charlie Vargas demonstrate body cameras Tuesday morning that will be employed by the department after receiving state grant funding. STAFF PHOTO/D…….


The Best Books of 2022 – The New York Times

You don’t need to have read Egan’s Pulitzer-winning “A Visit From the Goon Squad” to jump feet first into this much-anticipated sequel. But for lovers of the 2010 book’s prematurely nostalgic New Yorkers, cerebral beauty and laser-sharp take on modernity, “The Candy House” is like coming home — albeit to dystopia. This time around, Egan’s characters are variou…….


Use Of Drones by Public Service Agencies Growing at a Staggering Pace – PR Newswire News Commentary

PALM BEACH, Fla., Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Many public safety agencies are starting their own unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) programs. The (ones) tailored specifically for police can fit in any interceptor and allow rapid deployment for any situation, giving law enforcement teams wider situational awareness, allowing them to formulate an appropriate response in any situation. Moreover, whether in response to a disaster earthquake event, a mis…….