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Lawn care scheduling software company Spraye raises $200K – Landscape Management magazine

Spraye, a technology company that offers business management software to lawn care businesses, raised $200,000 from the TinySeed accelerator program.

Spraye said the funding and TinySeed’s network will help the business in its mission to help lawn spraying businesses efficiently manage their operations, scheduling, chemical tracking and more.

“TinySeed is going to give us the foundation we need to grow,” said Caitlin Schlichting, co-founder of Spraye. “This fund…….

Lawn Service

Gish Lawn and Landscape offers variety of services for maintenance and construction – The Owensboro Times

Gish Lawn and Landscape | Photo provided

From a passion in his teen years to a career in his adulthood, Brett Gish has always had an eye for landscaping. He turned his love for lawn care into a business called Gish Lawn and Landscape 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. 

“I’ve always enjoyed working outside, especially having a blank slate to work with,” Gish said. “It  gives me freedom because I’m not locked up inside.”

Gish p…….

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In Memoriam: Philip Harein and Michael Fresvik – PCT – PCT Online

Two individuals who greatly impacted the pest control industry in Minnesota have passed away: Philip Harein and Michael Fresvik. Harein, a longtime entomology professor at the University of Minnesota, died on July 22, at 94, while Fresvik, former director of the Minnesota Pest Management Association, died on July 18, at 78.

In addition to his work at the University of Minnesota, Harein was an author, expert in stored products pets, and was a staple in helping to plan the Minnes…….

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How To Find The Best Pest Control Companies In Houston, TX August 2022 – Forbes

Orkin is another major national brand scoring high on our list of the best pest control providers. Orkin is especially great if you need immediate service. If you call before 2 p.m., Orkin says it’ll come the same day. Additionally, Orkin provides a full range of treatments for all types of pests. This includes those that are common in Houston, Texas, such as ants, cockroaches and scorpions.

A rigorous 160 hours of training is required for new Orkin employees and as a result, Orkin…….

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Queensland People’s Protest anti-vax GP Dr William Bay faces ban after AMA rant at CHO Paul Kelly – Daily Mail

A doctor was thrown out of a medical conference after filming himself berating attendees for endorsing vaccine mandates to combat Covid-19.

Dr William Bay, who heads the anti-mandate group Queensland People’s Protest, live-streamed his extraordinary tirade at an Australian Medical Association conference in Sydney last month and it was posted online on Sunday.  

Dr Bay stunned his colleagues by inte…….

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Never Take This Supplement Too Often, Say Doctors — Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

The market for supplements and alternative remedies has never been more active—but are these products safe? “Herbal supplements can cause real health damage,” says Kevin Pho, MD. “In 2012, the FDA blamed them for causing over 50,000 adverse events annually. Some pills use fillers that are made up of rice, or worse, black walnut, which can severely affect those with nut allergies, while others contain unlabeled toxic ingredients.  Many also interact with prescrip…….

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Car rental nightmare when traveling – CBS News 8

Consumers are paying about $40 per day more than in 2019, according to AAA. That’s on top of limited supply and high demand.

SAN DIEGO — This summer many Americans are venturing back into the world by traveling. But many who are looking to get away are finding themselves stuck when trying to rent a car.

Major rental car companies like Hertz and Enterprise are struggling to keep up with high demand from consumers.</…….

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Top 10 Most Expensive U.S. Cities To Rent A Car – Travel Off Path

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Rental cars are pricey right now. According to AAA, rental car prices have increased by about $40 per day compared to 2019 costs. 2021 saw the worst car rental prices, which were 34% higher than this year. However, costs are still high. Knowing which cities have the highest costs for rental cars may help some travelers think of alternate modes of transportation upon arrival. A…….

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IBM Consulting Q2 Cloud Growth Up 29%: Inside the Numbers With SVP John Granger – Acceleration Economy

Two years into the massive overhaul of IBM by CEO Arvind Krishna, the company’s steadily accelerating cloud business is now getting big contributions from IBM Consulting, which reported 29% hybrid-cloud growth for Q2.

To understand what kinds of customer needs and demands are driving that impressive level of cloud growth, I sat down recently over a Zoom call with IBM Consulting Senior VP John Granger. IBM Consulting’s overall Q2 revenue grew 10%, or 18% in c…….