Mike Postle Escapes Court-Ordered Debt Following Poker Score…This Time –

Rumors that Mike Postle’s recent poker tournament winnings were seized are inaccurate, lawyers for Veronica Brill confirmed to PokerNews. But those same attorneys will continue to keep the pressure on the accused poker cheater in hopes of one day collecting a $27,000 court-ordered debt.

Postle finished seventh for $32,703 in the $1,200 buy-in Million Dollar Heater series Main Event at Beau Rivage Casino, an MGM Resorts property. On his final hand, in which he held an over-pa…….


The Met’s Maya Show Asks: Can Art Ever Be Innocent? – The New York Times

Beautiful is complicated. Gorgeous sunset skies can be a product of atmospheric pollution. Blizzards of the kind that battered Buffalo were visual poetry to Monet. And that jewel-like magenta-winged bug I so admired in the garden last fall? Turns out to be a herbicidal terrorist.

As Monet’s snowstorms suggest, the idea, and ideal, of beauty in art comes with its own drawbacks. The majestic Elgin Marbles, emblems of democracy, cro…….


Abstract B001: Elevated all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in … – Cancer Discovery

Abstract: Sarcopenia, a condition characterized by the loss of muscle mass, strength and function with age, is highly prevalent in cancer survivors. The relationship between sarcopenia and prognosis among cancer survivors is not well understood. Methods: From the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III), we identified 946 participants who were diagnosed with cancer (mean age 60.6 years); the most common disease sites were br…….


12-year-old catches great white shark while fishing in Florida – Yahoo! Voices

A 12-year-old boy from Massachusetts caught a great white shark while on a fishing charter in Florida.

Campbell Keenan spent 45 minutes fighting to reel in the fish before it was close enough for him to see what kind it was.

PHOTO: The great white shark caught by 12-year-old Cambell Keenan while fishing in Florida. (Courtesy of Katie Savage)

“We realized it was a shark when it was like 20 feet away, probably, and we had to get it in. We put this, like, buoy on it to make it …….


Dayanita Singh’s Hands-On Photography – The New York Times

Every winter in the early 1980s, a sturdy bus departed Kolkata, India, for a concert tour of provincial towns. On board were some of North India’s finest classical musicians, world-recognized artists like the vocalist Girija Devi, the flutist Hariprasad Chaurasia, or the tabla player Zakir Hussain.

They traveled at close quarters. The musicians napped on mattresses in the back of the bus, improvised roadside cricket matches and g…….