The commercial-to-residential conversion boom has already begun – buildingsaltlake.com

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Salt Lake City is set to see multiple buildings be converted from commercial use to residential in the coming years, and one of the most significant is already leasing out new apartments.

The Colorado-based firm McWhinney began leasing new micro-apartm…….


Is it possible to not know that you’re pregnant? Know everything about cryptic pregnancy – Health shots

While most women experience signs and symptoms of pregnancy, there are some women who might not be aware of their pregnancy. It might sound bizarre, but it is an actual problem that some pregnant women face. It is called cryptic pregnancy or stealth pregnancy.

We are not bluffing! Scroll down to know more about cryptic pregnancy and how it goes unnoticed.

What is cryptic pregnancy?

As the name suggests, cryptic means being unaware of the pregnancy. It denotes that the l…….


A few wise perspectives on the process of aging – Iron Mountain Daily News

NIAGARA, Wis. — A few weeks ago, this column contained my frustrations about getting older after a particularly exasperating morning. I complained about everything from not being able to open cereal boxes, to messing up the TV remote control, to the plethora of cryptic reminder notes on the kitchen counter. I recently read an uplifting collection of wise thoughts that extolled the benefits of aging and offered perspectives that I had never before considered. After I read through them, I tho…….


Kenya’s Uncover raises $1M to expand skincare product enterprise across Africa – TechCrunch

Africa’s beauty and personal care market is growing, accelerated by its burgeoning young and fashion-conscious population, increased spending power and urbanization. The market’s potential has in recent years attracted major brands, with Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and LVMH being the latest entrants.

Niche local brands are also emerging to offer tailored beauty and skincare products. Kenya-based Uncover Skincare is one of them and it seeks to revolutionize t…….


Wellness Wednesday Chair Massages | Intercom – ithaca.edu

Treat Yourself to a Chair Massage for Wellness Wednesdays

Ithaca Massage Station will be on campus Wednesdays through the end of the Fall semester offering chair massages in the Campus Library on the third floor lounge. 

When: Times available between 10am to 2pm on Wednesdays

Cost: $30 for a 20 minute massage session (or redeem your Ithaca Massage Station massage vouchers) 

Reserve Your Massage Time Now:


Natural medicines

Colorado begins steps to regulate psychedelic mushrooms after passing natural medicine act – Idaho Capital Sun

Now that Colorado voters passed the Natural Medicine Health Act, the state has several steps to get through before Colorado will actually see a regulated industry for psychedelic mushrooms.

The measure allows for licensed “healing centers” to provide access to psilocybin and psilocyn, the psychoactive compounds found in many species of fungi, for therapeutic purposes. It also decriminalizes the “personal use” of the substances, allowing peop…….

Alternative medicines

Experts Debunk Myths About Alternative Medicine for Heart Disease, Heart Failure – Everyday Health

Now more than ever, people are turning to home remedies like herbal medicines, dietary supplements, and homeopathic products, and activities such as yoga, massage therapy, and acupuncture to treat what ails them. The alternative medicine market reached $100 billion in 2021 and projections show that value more than tripling in the next five years, according to a 2022 report from Research and Markets.

The use of alternative medicines was a topic of discussion at a panel held on Sunday, No…….


Psychology and Science Behind Modern Customer Experience – CMSWire

Creating experiences that meet customers’ cognitive and emotional needs can inspire a sense of belonging and understanding and strengthen brand connection.

A 2015 Harvard Business Review report showed a direct correlation between specific emotional motivators, a brand’s use of them and consumer behaviors. Then, in 2017 a Capgemini report revealed that 81% of emotionally connected customers will promote a brand to their family and friends, and 70% of respondents said that they spend tw…….

Mental health Weightlifting

Increases in youth suicide linked to mental health worker shortage – Healio

December 02, 2022

3 min read



Healio Interview.

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