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This weekend, the Lunar New Year turns from Tiger to Rabbit. It bodes well, bunnies, as the rabbit is seen as one of the luckiest symbols in the Chinese zodiac, bringing longevity, peace, and prosperity for 2023. Celebrate accordingly by hopping to a special Chinese dinner, ordering dumplings to bring long-term happiness, or spreading fortune by tipping big at a new Korean spot.


\ The 1029 Bar has brought another Josh Thoma food party to the bar. The…….


The California storms were great for wine – BBC

The rest of the year could be dry, he said. Poorly-timed frost could kill delicate buds. Wildfires, made more intense and dangerous by climate change, could strike in October, right before harvest. And then there are the usual foes: rot, insects, and a host of other issues that have plagued vines for centuries.



The Latest Trends in Cordials and Liqueurs – Beverage Dynamics

Cordials and liqueurs aren’t always the first image that springs to mind when thinking about the beverage alcohol industry, but they’re a vital part of any bartender’s arsenal as a frequent ingredient of many popular cocktails. “Cordial” and “liqueur” are two different words for essentially the same thing — a sweetened, flavored liquor — except in the UK, where “cordial” can also refer to a sweetened, nonalcoholic drink.

“You need l…….


Bringing cakes into the office is killing your colleagues, says UK food watchdog boss – The Register

Every office has one – the inexplicably cheerful, kind and generous co-worker who brings in cake and/or biscuits and leaves them somewhere for their weight-sensitive colleagues to graze on.

If that’s you, stop. You’re killing your comrades, says the chairwoman of the UK’s Food Standards Agency, who reckons distributing unhealthy snacks among staff is as bad as exposing them to second-hand smoke from cigarettes.

Rather than suggesting that workers aerosolize cake and slip it i…….

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Recipes for success: Chef Marcus Routbard offers advice, a tasty … – Arab News

French Tunisian actor Adam Bessa discusses his role in award-winning film ‘Harka’

DUBAI: “Your duty as an artist is to be the voice of people who don’t have a voice,” says French-Tunisian actor Adam Bessa. “The reality of the world is pretty simple. You have money, you exist. You don’t have money, you don’t exist.” 

Bessa is discussing “Harka,” director Lotfy Nathan’s powerful narrative debut. It’s a film that took both an emotional and physical …….