Op-ed: Cryptocurrency isn’t a smart investment — and hasn’t been for a while – CNBC

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The collapse of FTX, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, has rippled through the world of digital currencies.

Once valued at $32 billion, FTX filed for bankruptcy protection and founder Sam Bankman-Fried resigned as its CEO after reports alleged that the company had loaned billions of dollars in customer funds to his own trading firm, Alameda Research. This has fueled a flurry of withdrawal requests across platforms as investor…….


9 Types Of Investment Assets – Forbes Advisor – Forbes

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When investing, stocks get the lion’s share of the attention. Investing in individual stocks is one way to grow your wealth, but there are plenty of other investment assets to explore and understand.

Depending on your financial goals, timeline and risk tolerance, you should invest in a well-diversified …….


Eva Longoria’s Non-Stick Cookware Is on Sale on Amazon & Reviewers Love How Food ‘Slides Right Off’ the Non-Toxic Pans – SheKnows

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Is it really possible to “have it all”? No. But some people are certainly trying their darnedest to make it happen, and there’s one person that we keep seeing pop up all over the place: Eva Longoria. The former Desperate Housewives act…….

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Why Bioactive B Vitamins Are Critical For Promoting Brain Health | mindbodygreen – mindbodygreen

While converting folate to 5-MTHF isn’t entirely impossible with an MTHFR gene variation, this unique polymorphism can reduce active folate production by up to 70%1, which can cause real health concerns down the road.

However, when supplements feature B vitamins that are already in their bioactive forms (and for folate and vitamin B12, that means their methylated forms), folks with an MTHFR gene variant are getting nutrients they can readily use in cells and organs throughout their body…….


What is the difference between a liqueur and a spirit? – Lifestyle Asia India

There are only two sorts of visits to your neighbourhood liquor store shop. There’s the efficient, somewhat hurried stop before a last-minute dinner party, that housewarming you completely forgot about, or while you’re on your way to comfort a friend who’s had a particularly gruelling day at work. Then, there’s the leisurely stroll through bottle shop shelves filled with charming, familiar labels and grape names. On these visits, you’re more likely to notice and take a clos…….


Ask the Beer Baron: Holiday spiced beers, Milwaukee pub-hopping and more –

For the State Journal

Twitter is not dead yet, so let’s use it for good while we can. That means cat videos and beer questions!

Q: Who makes a good spiced, holiday beer nowadays? #riplakefront #neverforget — stevonio

A: It’s true, Lakefront Brewery did not release its Holiday Spice Lager this year — nor an imperial spiced beer in its barrel-aged series as it has occasionally in recent years. I wouldn’t abandon ho…….


The Cake Recipe That Was a Secret for Two Decades – The New York Times

For two decades, Baker refused to divulge his secret. He finally cracked in 1947 and revealed all to General Mills. (How much he was paid he took to the grave when he died in 1974.) Instead of butter, he used vegetable oil in a batter thick with yolks and folded together with glossy peaks of whipped egg whites, curling at the tips. The company unveiled the recipe the following year in a pamphlet titled “Betty Crocker Chiffon.”