Bathroom Renovations

Things to Keep in Mind Before Renovating a Bathroom – Luxury Travel Magazine

Your home’s bathroom needs a lot of care and maintenance. People only ever seem to recognize the importance of their bathrooms after an issue becomes manifest. If you understand how important your bathroom is, then you might be interested in renovating it. Performing renovations can be a great way to improve its functionality and usefulness.

However, bathroom renovations are notoriously difficult. There are a lot of things that need to be thought about first, so proble…….

Pest Inspection

Duquesne caught a bug: Duquesne restoring trust with students … – The Duquesne Duke

Emma Polen | News Editor | Austen Peterson (left) and Ryan Hanshaw (right) eat an Incline at Cinco dinner on the fifth floor of the Union while Incline was still closed.

Emma Polen | News Editor

Jan. 26, 2023

Following a week-long closure, Incline dining services are up-and-running again.

On Jan. 17, Incline suddenly closed at 2 pm

A message from the FoodU app notified students immediately on Tuesday that their campus dining options would change that same day.


Building Inspection

Kenwood high-rise where fatal fire occurred had multiple fire-related … – Chicago Tribune

The residential high-rise in Kenwood where an extra alarm fire occurred Wednesday morning, killing one person, has a history of code violations and building inspection failures, city records show. It’s been cited for fire-related code violations at least 11 times since October 2021, according to Department of Buildings records.

The Chicago Fire Department said…….


Eight perfectly hedonistic spa treatments for winter-weary minds and bodies – Toronto Life

Photo by Graydon HerriottOthership

1 The Self-Care Sweat guided session at Othership’s bathhouse retreat takes participants on a temperature adventure from near-boiling heat (95 degrees) to near-­freezing cold (two degrees). It starts with calming breathwork in a 50-person red cedar sauna. Participants work out their corporeal kinks by self-massaging with dowels and quartz gua sha tools. Then it’s off to the ice plunge. Sitting in bone-­chilling water may not sound relaxing, …….


Everything you need to know about caravans and caravan tourism in India –

NEW DELHI: Caravan tourism is immensely popular in foreign countries. But the good news is that this caravan culture has found its way in India as well! Caravan culture has grown in popularity in India in recent years, particularly since Covid-19. Caravan tourism is a novel and exciting way to experiment with unconventional modes of transportation, promoting family vacations to locations where adequate hotel accommodations may be difficult to find. Sachin Panchal, founder, Motoham gives an outlo…….

Camper Trailers

Aero Build launches Coast, all-electric RV trailer made in Nashville – Tennessean

Recreational vehicles are a $140 billion industry in the U.S., and Brian Fuente of Aero Build in Nashville wants a piece of it.

Aero Build has spent years making custom trailers for people across the country who have launched mobile businesses, like coffee shops and cocktail bars. After months of design work and prototypes, the company is planning to launch an all-electric camper trailer called Coast this year.

“For me, as the owne…….