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Uttar Pradesh: Mineral Mart to enable direct trade of sand for construction – Times of India

Mining of river sand taking place along Yamuna river in Banda

LUCKNOW: For the first time, real estate companies, government agencies and even households will get the option of buying ‘baalu’ (sand) or ‘maurang’ (river sand) directly from stockists for construction work in monsoon. The mining department is going to launch Mineral Mart, an e-commerce portal for enabling direct buying and selling, in July first week. As mining and excavation in river basins is discontinued in monsoon, th…….

Excavating contractor

Coveted Shop Space: Do You Have Enough? – Engine Builder

Stop me if this sounds familiar… you’ve been out of shop space since day one, you have nowhere left to put parts and components for customer builds, engines are sprawled everywhere, you have little to no useable office space remaining, you can’t bring in new equipment due to lack of space, and you’re generally just ready to move on from your current shop. You’re not alone! Many engine builders we hear from would be ecstatic to move into a new shop or build one from scratch that be…….

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Get rid of ‘persistent’ and ‘deep rooted’ lawn weeds without weed killer – 4 easy remedies – Express

Weeds can leave any lawn looking untidy no matter how much hard work you put into mowing and pruning your garden grass. Getting rid of these persistent plants can seem impossible without using commercial weed killer, but the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) insists that there are other ways to do it. Here are the most effective natural methods to try instead, according to the RHS.

How to get rid of lawn weeds

Lawn weeds are a nuisance because they can survive even the stricte…….

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ADAMA Commences In-House Production of Indoxacarb – PCT – PCT Online

MAZATLAN, Mexico – The 37th Congress of the Asociación Nacional de Controladores de Plagas Urbanas AC (ANCPUAC) was recently held in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Pest management professionals in Mexico were able to meet peers in person following two years of virtual meetings (a result of COVID-19). The program was rich in presentations of interest to the participants, with the outstanding participation of international speakers. The inauguration of the event took place on the same …….

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Marvel Secretly Teases Doctor Doom’s Debut Already – Inside the Magic

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) finally on Disney+, commentary on the movie reveals that Doctor Doom had a small role in the movie.

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange deals with the Illuminati — a group of super hero forced to make the hardest choices — who end up believing that Strange is far more dangerous than Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Wi…….

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Did Wanda really die in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Theories explored along with the film writer’s explanation – Sportskeeda

Doctor Strange 2, where Wanda Maximoff plays a significant role, is now available to stream on Disney+. Scarlet Witch seeks the multiverse-hopping abilities of teen superhero America Chavez in the film so she can reunite with her sons in an alternate reality. She refuses to accept that she doesn’t have any kids.

Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange sequel shows Stephen Strange fighting Scarlet Witch to protect America who is not yet familiar with her powers. However, she begins to exercise cont…….

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CLE woman given speeding ticket on missing rental car returned a month earlier – News 5 Cleveland WEWS

CLEVELAND — Sharon McCue of Cleveland just can’t seem to unravel the growing mystery surrounding a Toyota Camry she rented from the Budget Rent-a-Car location near Hopkins International Airport back on March 12.

Budget has now sent McCue a $180 speeding ticket issued by Newburgh Heights police on April 14. The problem is McCue has the receipts to prove she returned the car to Budget on March 18, a month earlier, so she couldn’t have been behind the wheel.

The Newburgh Heights …….