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There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who believe the defining challenge of the 21st century will be climate change, and those who know that it will be the birth dearth, the population bust, the old age of the world.

That kind of column opener is a hostage to fortune. If I’m wrong, it might be quoted grimly or mockingly in future histories written with New York underwater and Texas uninhabitable.

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Skincare Weightlifting

Skincare Tips: How to maintain radiant skin after menopause hits? – DNA India

Menopause is such a stage in the life of women, in which there are many physical changes. Most women struggle with problems like weight gain, hot flashes, sleeplessness, and mood swings. Not only this, but menopause also has a negative effect on the hair and skin of some women. During this, the hair falls a lot, as well as the skin also looks dull, dry, and lifeless.

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Natural medicines

How a failed eczema treatment triggered an interest in traditional … –

Grace Nambatya Kyeyune oversees research on natural products at the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute in Kampala.Credit: Tumuhimbise Harrison

Grace Nambatya Kyeyune is a natural-products research scientist and director of research at the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute (NCRI) in Kampala, which is a part of the Ugandan Ministry of Health that is dedicated to evaluating traditional medicines. She graduate…….

Alternative medicines

The Benefits – and Serious Risks – of Alternative Heart Failure … – SciTechDaily

It is important for individuals with heart failure to inform their healthcare team, including pharmacists, about any over-the-counter treatments or other therapies, such as herbal supplements or exercise programs, that they are using in addition to those prescribed by a healthcare professional.

A recent scientific statement from the American Heart Association summarizes the current research on using complementary and alternative t…….


Unlimited willpower can make you a more supportive partner, says motivational psychology professor – CNBC

Willpower is often associated with depriving yourself of a perceived vice. The more willpower you have the more easily you’ll be able to complete, say, meatless Monday or dry January.

Having more willpower doesn’t only affect how much you’re able to abstain from an activity, though. It also affects how much energy you have to give to certain activities, says Veronika Job, a motivational psychology professor at the University of Vienna who studies willpower. 

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Nine Minnesota destinations for winter hiking – MPR News

By Darby Ottoson | The Current

With a good pair of snowshoes and lots of willpower, one can hike most trails in Minnesota year-round. Luckily for the rest of us, there are also options either paved or packed down enough to not require fancy footwear or an emergency beacon. 

Here’s a list of nine trails to try out this winter, many of which offer other winter activities as well. Note that sometimes, it snows 15-plus inches, and trail conditions change. Double-check conditions on the p…….

Fitness sports

TRUMPF Fitness and Company Sports Center / Barkow Leibinger – ArchDaily

TRUMPF Fitness and Company Sports Center / Barkow Leibinger

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Study Finds Meditation Could Dramatically Improve Your Gut Health – Prevention Magazine

New study found Tibetan monks who meditate regularly have a better gut microbiome than people who don’t meditate.This isn’t the first study to link meditation to good gut health.Experts say it can’t hurt to add meditation to your life.

Meditation has been a buzzy practice for years, and research has linked it to everything from a lowered risk of depression to stress relief. Now, a new study found meditation may boost your gut health.

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What’s Healthier in Your 50s: Walking or Jogging? – Eat This, Not That

When you reach your 50s, it’s essential to exercise regularly to stay healthy, in shape, and independent as you age. There are so many ways to nourish a healthy body, and when it comes to fitness, many individuals choose to crank up the tunes and hit the pavement for some solid cardio. After all, it’s so convenient to fit into your everyday lifestyle, and it doesn’t involve an investment in equipment. But what’s healthier in your 50s: walking or jogging? We sp…….