Amazon’s drone delivery unit hit with layoffs just as 10-year-old project finally launches – CNBC

Amazon Prime Air drone

Source: Amazon

In 2013, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos appeared on CBS’ “60 Minutes” to reveal a futuristic plan his company had been secretly pursuing to deliver packages by drone in 30 minutes. 

A pre-recorded demo showed an Amazon-branded “octocopter” carrying a small package off a conveyor belt and into the skies to a customer’s home, landing smoothly in the backyard, dropping off the item and then whizzing away. Bezos predicted a fleet of Amazon drone…….


Academics work to detect ChatGPT and other AI writing – Inside Higher Ed

When humans write, they leave subtle signatures that hint at the prose’s fleshy, brainy origins. Their word and phrase choices are more varied than those selected by machines that write. Human writers also draw from short- and long-term memories that recall a range of lived experiences and inform personal writing styles. And unlike machines, people are susceptible to inserting minor typos, such as a misplaced comma or a misspelled word. Such attributes betray the text’s humanity.



Top 5 Poker Movies You Must Watch –

Over the past century, poker has permeated pop culture, especially when it comes to motion pictures. Long before the “Poker Boom”, and even before the World Series of Poker (WSOP) was a thing, poker had already made its big screen debut.

Over the decades, poker fans have been treated to a plethora of poker movies, some good and others not so much. Some well-received poker films include the western comedy Maverick (1994), Survivor host Jeff Probst’s debut film Finder’…….


James Cameron becomes 1st filmmaker to direct 3 movies that grossed $2 billion – Yahoo News

James Cameron at the Avatar: The Way of Water premiere Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

He’s the king of the world.

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water has officially grossed $2 billion at the global box office, becoming only the sixth film to ever achieve that milestone, not adjusted for inflation. This means Cameron is the only filmmaker in history to direct three movies that each grossed $2 billion or more globally.

Cameron’s first film to do so, of course, was 1997’s…….


‘It’s the opposite of art’: why illustrators are furious about AI – The Guardian

‘Woman reading book, under a night sky, dreamy atmosphere,” I type into Deep Dream Generator’s Text 2 Dream feature. In less than a minute, an image is returned to me showing what I’ve described. Welcome to the world of AI image generation, where you can create what on the surface looks like top-notch artwork using just a few text prompts, even if in reality your skills don’t go beyond drawing stick figures.

AI image generation seems to …….


The Fly Fishing Show kicks off its 2023 tour – Hatch Magazine

The Fly Fishing Show kicked off its 2023, six-city tour yesterday in Marlborough, MA. For many anglers, the show is an annual pilgrimage—one where they can ogle, shop for, and even try out new gear; take in seminars and presentations on everything from casting to fly fishing travel; meet celebrity fly tyers and watch them at their craft; lay their hands on for hard-to-find fly tying supplies; and much more.

After a three-day stint in the Boston suburb, the show will move on to visit…….


Spot the photographer! Can YOU find the camouflaged wildlife fanatic in these pictures? – Daily Mail

Spot the photographer! Wildlife fanatic in full camouflage suit blends seamlessly into forest – so can YOU find him?

Photographer Sasan Amir travels the world wearing clever camouflage in search of the perfect shotSasan’s global photography tours can take up to half a year of preparation, hard work and travellingHe says his main goal is to spread awareness of critically endangered animals in need of support


Time to dip a gardening toe into quirky hydroponics – The Guardian

Hydroponics is one of those growing techniques that seems to be capturing people’s imagination at the moment – fuelled perhaps by the slew of CGI images showing futuristic vertical farms atop skyscrapers that are flooding social media these days. Fortunately, you don’t have to have an engineering degree or be the owner of a glass-covered penthouse to try this out for yourself. Here’s my beginner’s guide to home hydroponics.

This growing …….