Cannibal-themed “Bones and All” makes the ultimate case for veganism – Salon

A love story, and one with intriguing ethical questions of culture and class, “Bones and All” is the acclaimed new movie from director Luca Guadagnino (“Call Me By Your Name”). Starring Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell as teenage cannibals on the run in the Midwest, it harks back to the likes of “Natural Born Killers,” “Badlands” or even “My Own Private Idaho.”

It is a lonely existence for “eaters,” as an elderly cannibal nicknames them. And yet, “eaters” are not monsters



Holiday Recipes to Feed a Crowd – The New York Times

Whether you’re planning a big holiday gathering or simply trying to feed houseguests in between festive end-of-year activities, you’re going to need recipes that serve at least eight or 10 or 12, rather than the usual one or two or four. Below are some of The New York Times Cooking and Food staff’s favorite dishes that are built for groups or extremely easy to scale up, so you can worry less about the “how” and just enjoy the “what”: a delicious, cele…….


The truth about wormholes and quantum computers – Big Think

There should be one question you ask yourself anytime you encounter a claim that can be answered by science, “What is true?” Only by looking at the answer to that question — and, in particular, what can be and has been established to be scientifically true by the full suite of available evidence — can you draw a responsible conclusion. If we look at anything else, including what we hope, what we fear, or what unsupported speculations can’t be ruled out, we’re…….

Virtual reality Weightlifting

Why Reality Labs will keep spending billions even as Meta makes the biggest cuts in its history – CNBC

For tech investors hoping Meta Platforms finds religion on cost cuts as they relate to heavy spending on virtual reality, now is not the time to bet on it. The company is cutting costs, including mass layoffs, and much of the market has been focused on the billions that Mark Zuckerberg is pouring into Reality Labs and his vision of a future internet and social connections transformed by the metaverse concept. Right now, that means more than $10 billion a year in losses from Reality Labs, but …….


5 Books on Queer Nature –

The wild can often feel like a place where cultural expectations are intensified and distilled. From books considered classics like Desert Solitaire to more recent contributions like Sea Room, natural history writing is often considered the realm of the masculine and heterosexual, themselves rooted in traditions of colonialism. Against this background, queer writers have been questioning what we have often taken for granted about the world—from the biological workings of the creatures who …….


Writing Isn’t About Finding the Right Answer – The Atlantic

Dear I Have Notes,

I was wondering if you could address the problem of getting stuck writing “around” a project—in my case, a novel that I have a lot of ideas for, but seem to be unable to sit down and actually write. I have 20,000 words, but it’s slow going and I keep indulging my desires for research, plotting, etc., rather than building scenes.

— Hopeful Novelist

Dear Hopeful,

I read your question and immediately felt the horror of recognition. I always…….


Letters to the editor: Gambling deal takes advantage of students; chicane modification not enough; stand up, fight for Warnock – Boulder Daily Camera

Catharine Harris: Gambling: CU’s deal with sports betting firm is taking advantage of students

What is going on at CU? The Nov. 23 The New York Times’ front-page article, “Universities Help Sportsbooks Sign Up Young and Vulnerable” reported that in 2020 CU signed a deal with Ceasars Sportsbook, a sports gambling company. CU accepted $1.6 million to promote sports gambling on campus. Every time someone downloads the PointsBet gambling app using the university’s promotional code and b…….