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What’s stopping tiny houses from helping solve housing crisis? – RNZ

Some believe tiny houses could help solve the housing crisis.
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Tiny house advocates say legislation, lending and land are prohibiting people from buying tiny homes.

Tiny House Hub founder Sharla May said there was “huge demand” for tiny homes, but that complications appeared when people tried to make their dream a reality.


One of the main issues tiny homes owners faced was a lack of standard…….

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This CEO Manages Her Business While Living Van Life Full-Time – Treehugger

A growing number of people are considering van life, but sometimes not for the reasons one might think. Though the skyrocketing cost of housing may be one reason why people might downsize into something more affordable. But for many, it’s not the only one. Many people deliberately choose to transition to alternative lifestyles for various reasons—some of them include wanting to travel, experiencing more emotional and fin…….

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Spain to be flooded with digital nomads and ChatGPT to threaten job security: Sifted predictions for European tech in … – Sifted

2022 has been a year of big changes for the European tech sector. While last year Sifted predicted that the market would cool off a little this year, no one anticipated that a war and an energy crisis would be hitting tech investment and result in a wave of layoffs across Europe. 

So with uncertainty growing, what can European tech expect in 2023? 

Sifted journalists share their predictions for the new year: 

Amy Lewin, editor

There wil…….


A shrinking map: With global instability on the rise, travellers’ options have narrowed – The Globe and Mail

A shrinking map: With global instability on the rise, travellers’ options have narrowedIllustration by PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY THE GLOBE AND MAIL

For years, Toronto resident Sidonie Wybourn dreamed of travelling around China, exploring the cultural sites in the south and venturing to the Great Wall. Then came the pandemic. Three years later, the country is finally loosening its strict COVID-19 travel rules – but Wyb…….


The Sweet Reason Kim Basinger Says Ireland Baldwin’s Pregnancy Is “Like Mother, Like Daughter” – Yahoo Entertainment

When it comes to pregnancies, the apple does not fall far from the tree in Kim Basinger’s family.

On Jan. 4, the L.A. Confidential actress shared the special similarity she saw between her pregnancy with Ireland Baldwin and now Ireland’s own baby bump. Accompanying the post with separate sonograms, Kim wrote, “I know it’s hard to read…But in April of 1995, this was a note I wrote on one of my first sonograms of baby Ireland.”

“It said ‘4 white paws and a tail,'” she continued on…….

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You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to build functional muscle … – Fit and Well

You don’t need to live in the gym to build strength and muscle. This workout can be done at home with just a couple of dumbbells, hitting every major upper-body muscle group in 12 minutes. 

We like lifting with a set of the best adjustable dumbbells (opens in new tab) as they allow us to adjust the weight for each exercise to suit our strength level. However, a fixed-weight dumbbell set or a pair of kettlebells can also be used. Even two filled water bottles will work if you’re just s…….


Opinion | Why Anti-Aging Science is So Alluring – The New York Times

Longevity researchers would tell you that aging itself is a disease that we can understand and treat, cancer and heart disease and dementia only its symptoms. They would tell you that the first person to live until 150 has already been born. In a way this sounds preposterous, the dream of biotech billionaires, fueled by denial and fear of death and the illusion of control. But on the other hand, there is real science here. So I let myself imagine. Maybe he will mak…….


Jennifer Garner, 50, Says This Is the Best Skincare Advice She’s Ever Received – Yahoo Life

Jennifer Garner Reveals Best Skincare AdviceJeff Kravitz – Getty Images

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Jennifer Garner tells Prevention the best piece of skincare advice she’s ever received.

The 50-year-old revealed insights from her mother and Doris Day, M.D.

“Nothing looks better in your 50s than sunscreen in your 20s,” Garner says.

Jennifer Garner’s skincare routine never fails to impr…….


This BodyFriend Massage Chair Strapped Me In, Then Ate My Limbs – Gizmodo

The person who wrote this article is a clone. The real Kyle Barr is being digested by the chair.Photo: Florence Ion

Even as I dread the day I’ll finally eclipse the age of 30, I am already well on my way to being a crotchety, craggy faced old cretin. I have dealt with random bouts of back pain from sleeping on many brick-like mattresses. I have tried some massage therapy to deal with these issues, but in all these years of spine-twitching pain, your average …….