Protecting your children from negative impacts of alcohol can be a touchy subject. But while alcohol is a serious discussion that should take place between you and your kids, understanding how to approach the subject can help you grasp control over your next conversation and provide good insight and information to your teen or pre-teen. It can be beneficial to explain to your teen why you disapprove of the use of alcohol in teenagers and children. Sometimes, simply telling a child or teen not to use alcohol is not as effective as discussing the reasons why they should not consume alcohol. Here are some simple tips that can help you bridge the gap between you and your teen as you discuss alcohol:

-Though alcohol is not illegal for adults, it is still considered a drug and should be viewed as such when your teen is approached with use.

-Alcohol poisoning is serious among teens and can be extremely dangerous.

-If a child or teen has consumed alcohol, seek immediate help from a health care provider. Letting a child simply go to sleep, in hopes of them sobering up, can be dangerous.

-As many as two-thirds of rape and sexual assault cases in teens involve the use of alcohol.

It is important to know that you should never buy or serve underage teenagers or children alcohol. Even allowing underage drinkers to consume alcohol in your home or residence is illegal and puts those drinkers in danger physically while putting you in danger legally. Hosting teen parties may seem to be a good way to insure your child is drinking responsibly and keep them under a watchful eye. In fact, letting teens or children consume alcohol in your presence still puts them in harm’s way and threatens their health and well being.

Even when hosting an alcohol free party for your teens or children, make sure you keep an eye on your children and their guest. Checking different rooms throughout you home and monitoring their behaviors can be a good way to insure your kids have fun without alcohol or other substances.

Make sure to check in with other parents, when a party is hosted outside of your home to insure that there will be no alcohol served and supervision will be readily available. If you do not feel like adult supervision will meet your necessary expectations, volunteering to help supervise or plan a party or get together can be a good way to show other parents you care about the well being of your child as well as theirs.

Taking care to educate children and teens about alcohol consumption is as important as teaching any other lessons in life, giving them boundaries and letting them know the adverse side effects, both mentally and physically, that can result from their choices. Teach your children rather than merely set boundaries, letting them know that they can approach you with questions, concerns or puzzling situations. While friends may be a powerful influence on your children, insuring they can count on you to provide information and support is vital to their well being and growth among the stresses of teenage life.

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