Often seeing identical triplets fills us with an element of excitement and surprise. We are often caught wondering about the group and something about the way they live their lives intrigues us. While we all are acquainted with identical twins, something different itself exists with identical triplets. How would it be to have two mirror images of yours in this world? Does being identical physically make them identical in their nature as well, or they are also unique with distinctive set of characteristics? Are they always friendly with each other or have their own set of fights and quarrels, like all normal siblings do. How does one feel when he is misidentified with the other sibling? Their world is fascinating in itself with so many things to find out and explore. It’s amazing being a triplet. Here is an overview of how is the world of identical triplets.

Fights and rivalry
Sibling rivalry is a part of triplets as much as it is for any other pair of siblings. With triplets chances of getting intensified are high as they are usually in the same school, same class with same teachers and perhaps the same set of friends. Chances of rivalry increase as a person has to compete with the same set of peers to come out as an individual.

Comparisons galore
Often peers and parents tend to constantly compare the siblings. All this becomes a major source of irritation for them. People generally don’t treat them as individuals but usually, put them in the package. They expect each one to be like the other in all characters and attitudes. People generally believe that triplets are usually with the same kind of personalities, which is not true. They believe that each of the 3 will have the same ideas and thoughts, which is a big fallacy. Each sibling is unique with his own behavior. This constant comparison becomes extremely demotivating for the triplets, especially in their teenage years, when they are trying to establish their unique image in their peer group and in a social circle.

Large Collage
There are a lot of good things about being triplets and the merits usually outnumber the problems. The identical triplets share a similar connection and are always there with each other through thick and thin. Since these siblings are structurally and physically identical, it becomes easier for them to understand each other’s feelings and lend a helping hand during crisis.

Together forever
None of the identical triplets can ever get bored. They can fight, argue, tease each other, but never get bored. When none of them are near friends, they three will still provide company to each other.

A strong empathy for each other
Like normal siblings, even triplets form a great bond with each other over time and become each other’s best friend. When one of them is upset, the other would know how to cheer him up. This connection with each other builds a deep understanding and strengthens their ties to give a long lasting relationship.

Hence like each one of us, life is a bittersweet experience for even a set of triplets. What we should keep in mind is to treat the trio, not as a package, but as three distinct human beings with different set of attitudes and identities.

Hence we can that life is a bittersweet experience for triplets just like it does for all of us. We should hence treat each one of the three and unique person with his own nature and personality.

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