So, you are going to be adventurous and travel with the little ones. Some people might think you are insane. But, I think it’s great.

Growing up, we took trips every year, and they are some of my fondest memories. I should probably ask my parents if we drove them crazy during those trips, because they never let on if we did. And knowing what I know now as a parent, I’m sure we did at some point.

We have recently started some small trips with our young ones, and have learned some valuable tips that I am going to share with you, in hopes of making your travel as pleasant as possible. Read on, to learn more.

  1. Attitude Adjustment

Yours, not theirs. If you are going to travel with kids, know ahead of time they are not going to be perfect every minute of your time away. Also, there could be problems that arise that have nothing to do with the kids, but they could innocently add to your aggravation by asking a lot of questions.

Going into a potentially stressful event with the attitude that it’s normal if something goes wrong, gives you the upper hand, when it does.

Adjust to the changes with acceptance, even if it alters your plans a bit.

  1. Strolling Right Along

Make sure you have a nice stroller that can accommodate your children. Taking more than one is cumbersome when packing whether you are traveling by planes, trains, or automobiles.

They make strollers now that can easily carry up to 3 young children, such as the Joovy Big Caboose stroller. Find one that folds up easily, so it will not take up too much room when you aren’t using it.

These are also nice for maneuvering around in areas you aren’t too familiar with, rather than walking around with 2 strollers.

  1. Don’t Forget the Drugs

Pack some basic medications, such as Tylenol or teething gel, so you won’t have to find a local store in the middle of the night if your child suddenly needs it. Teething and fevers can pop up quickly, without warning. So, just be prepared.

  1. Wipe it Up

I always have baby wipes on hand, no matter where I go. Traveling is no different. Even if your kids are older, carry some wipes. You never know when you might want to use them. Eating snacks in the car can be messy, or using them in the restroom when you stop are just two examples.

If you are traveling through a hot area, they are nice to feel refreshed again.

  1. Time it Just Right

Time your travel around your kids normal nap time, if at all possible. When I travel to family that lives a couple hours away, I have timed it perfectly that they are sleeping most of the way there.

You can also travel at night, right around their bedtime. Get them in their pajamas before you leave, so if they fall asleep you can just carry them into the hotel room, or wherever you are staying.

This can be done for flights as well. Although you are more limited by the schedule of the airline, they typically offer a few red-eye flights.

  1. Pack the Snack

Whether you are traveling by plane or car, pack some snacks to keep the kids occupied. Of course you will not want anything sugary, which tends to boost their energy. A little extra energy when they are cooped up is a recipe for disaster. Here are some suggestions to pack:

  •         Pretzels
  •         Cheerios
  •         Raisins
  •         Animal crackers
  •         Cheese crackers

Of course this will all depend on your kids likes and dislikes, as well as their age.

  1. Toys and Things

Pack some toys that will entertain them, and not annoy others. In other words, if you are on a plane, don’t pack a noisy toy car, or a musical instrument. Traveling by car, use your judgment, based on your own toleration.

Coloring books, stuffed animals, books, and puzzles are good ideas. I would suggest holding off pulling these items out until you really need them. Otherwise, they might be bored with them by the time you really do need to settle them down.

In Closing

As I mentioned earlier, traveling as a child with my family has provided some great memories today. You can do this for your children, as well as yourself, especially if you plan it out well. Just have the right equipment such as the Bumbleride Indie twin double stroller, the right toys, and travel at the right time…nap time.

Hopefully I have given some encouragement for you as you plan your journey.