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This Stock Is No. 1 on My Buy List – The Motley Fool

I’ve known about Appian (APPN 9.11%) for a few years, and I gave it a thumbs up in Motley Fool CAPS a while back. In the four years I’ve been following it, Appian’s stock price has doubled, running up 105%. That’s a solid if unspectacular return. (Although it was way higher a year ago — the stock price has crashed from $150 a share last June to its current price around $57.)

While I was reviewing Appian’s recent earnings report for one of the Fool’s video services, I…….

IT Consulting

Healthcare IT Consulting Market Analysis by Size, Share, Growth, Application, Segmentation and Forecast to 2029 – SMU Daily Mustang – SMU Daily Mustang

New Jersey, United States – The Healthcare IT Consulting Market report includes the upcoming challenges and opportunities in the market. It ensures a strengthened position in the market and a growing product portfolio by providing all the important details related to the market growth. It reveals some of the key insights and focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on different sectors of the economy. Identifying key business areas is the most important factor to improve those areas a…….


‘I’m discouraged’: Rising gas prices put Tri-State contractors in a bind – WCPO 9 Cincinnati

CINCINNATI — New U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics show inflation cooled in April. Still, some drivers are spending half their paychecks at fuel pumps.

“I’m discouraged,” said Marie Grooms, co-owner of Hi-Tech Handyman Services.

Grooms’ crew of contractors survived near ruin when the pandemic forced Amazon to suspend home services. The move kept Hi-Tech installers from customers, eventually causing the owners and their contractors to land on unemployment.

She and co-owner Ri…….


US government seeks Smart ePants contractors for sensor-woven clothing – Biometric Update

Defense Department officials are moving ahead in their search for sensor-studded, electric clothing fit for military service members.

The Smart Electrically Powered and Networked Textile Systems program (yes, ‘Smart ePants’) still is in brainstorming mode.

The government wants a lot out of the pants, including the ability to “sense, store, interpret or react to (and communication) information from their environment,” presumably including a wea…….

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MUV medical marijuana dispensary coming to Ocala – Ocala News

MUV will soon be joining the list of medical marijuana dispensaries that operate in Ocala.

While a grand opening date has not yet been announced by MUV, the company plans to open the doors to its newest location in late spring. The Ocala store, which is located at 3701 SW College Road, will become MUV’s 48th dispensary.

MUV’s newest dispensary in Ocala will be located at 3701 SW College Road (Photo courtesy of MUV)

The store will feature a selection of products for patients…….

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Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Ending, Explained – Who killed Jerry Vincent? What Happened To Trevor Elliott? | DMT – DMT

Netflix’s crime thriller series, “The Lincoln Lawyer,” is based on the novels written by Michael Connelly and follows the life of an enigmatic defense attorney named Mickey Haller, who works his way around with his eccentric charm, wit, and knack for finding details that nobody else can. He likes working from his car, as he is able to think better when he is on the road, and that is what earned him the nickname, Lincoln Lawyer. So let’s look into this 1…….

Divorce attorney


LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Boutique Los Angeles law firm Reuben Raucher & Blum announced today that its Partner and head of the firm’s Family Law Practice Stephanie Blum has been selected as an honoree in a Los Angeles Business Journal special supplement recognizing the city’s most influential women attorneys. The “Women of Influence: Attorneys” list, published today, recognizes professionals “for exceptional legal skill and achievement across the full spectrum of respo…….

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When to Use a Supplemental or Special Needs Trust – Coeur d’Alene Press

I find that most clients have some familiarity with the concept of estate plans, probate, guardianships and many of the other things we do at my law firm. However, one of our practice areas regularly puzzles people: Supplemental Needs Trusts. Let’s look at these unique trusts and see what they can do.

A Supplemental Needs Trust (also known as a “Special Needs Trust”) serves a very specific purpose: it helps recipients of certain public benefit programs r…….

Estate planning attorney

4 Tax-Smart Ways to Share the Wealth with Kids – Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

As parents or grandparents, we want to do what’s best for our children and grandchildren. We want them to enjoy the gifts we’ve given them during our lifetimes – family traditions, connections and values – and we also want our financial legacy to pass to them without complications. But if we don’t manage our gift planning thoughtfully, we could leave future generations with unexpected challenges.

In my practice, I’ve seen many ways for individuals to transfer wealth from one…….